Diane Miller, REALTOR

Associate Broker 


My name is Diane Miller, my unique approach to selling homes in Arizona  has made me one of the top performers in real estate.  My clients trust me and I do what it takes to get them the best price for their home.

Buyers spend an average of 6 minutes at a home but form an opinion in the first 15 seconds.

First Impressions Matter


Customers are looking for homes, not houses.  The look and feel of the interior space needs to connect with a homebuyer.  I specialize in home staging; simple but effective decor is part of my home selling strategy.  By properly staging a home its value is optimized. 

Attention to Details

My team and I handle all the creative planning and installation.  Our goal is to make your home look the most inviting as possible.

Creative Lighting



Remarkable Transformations. 

We design a home environment that immediately attracts prospective buyers to your home.

Over 81% of buyers find it “easer to visualize the property as their future home” when it’s staged.

-National Association of Realtors Survey

Diane Miller

Associate Broker